A Hairy Tale

Meet Cat, our founder - a PCOS warrior who’s been battling the beard since she was sixteen.

After trying every at-home wax, clocking countless hours of shaving and tweezing, and burning through cash on unsuccessful laser hair removal, she was about ready to wave the white flag.

But the Sob Story Ends Here

Cat refused to accept defeat. She had years of experience in the beauty industry developing products and managing brands.

She decided it was time to take matters into her own hands.

Her mission?

To develop a professional-grade, vegan, at-home wax and organic pre- and post-care products that didn't just promise less pain and irritation, but actually delivered.

Mission: Possible (and Pretty Simple)

Crybaby Wax isn't just for the hirsute or facial hair fighters. We're here for anyone wanting to bid farewell to unwanted hair without the usual pain and irritation.

At Crybaby Wax, our aim is to strip away the stigma of face and body hair with a better way to wax.

So, if you're ready to break up with your razor, Crybaby Wax has got you covered (or rather, uncovered).