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The Bawl and Chain

We’re well acquainted with the world of non-stop tweezing, battling pesky breakouts from unruly ingrown hairs, and the daily chore of face shaving. 

And let’s not forget those at-home waxing attempts that left you with more skin removed than hair. 

Crybaby Wax's founder, Cat, is well-versed in the side effects of hirsutism as she spent hours a week plucking, shaving and lasering with disappointing results.

After trying every at-home wax brand on the market and wasting lots of money on failed laser hair removal appointments, she felt defeated that the options only brought irritation and poor results.

But the Sob Story Ends Here

Armed with years of experience in the beauty industry, developing products and managing brands, Cat set out to develop gentle, beginner-friendly, at-home wax that works. 

And that’s how Crybaby Wax was born.

Our Mission is Simple:

We're not just here for the people with PCOS and hirsutism; we're here for anyone who wants to remove unwanted hair with ease. 

So whether you're avoiding direct sunlight like a vampire to hide dark facial hair or simply tired of the constant hair removal battle, Crybaby Wax has got your back (and front).

We’re proud to be a women-owned brand that understands firsthand the struggles associated with unwanted hair.

At Crybaby Wax, we want to peel back the stigma of face and body hair and provide a better way to wax.